Hey There


So a couple of weeks ago I moved to college. Thinking this was a brilliant move into adulthood, I moved forward with optimism and excitement. A week later with no friends and new clothes I couldn’t afford, I was bummed. That all soon changed when my roommates and I met Bryce. That’s when the…




Jake, of The Armoury, can wear complicated patterns exceptionally well.  Compound that by the fact that he has fair skin and red hair and it takes some serious skill to pull off what he does.

Like many well dressed Italians, he favors the use of patterns mainly in his jackets and keeps the rest of his look anchored in solid, neutral colors that either flatter his complexion (reds and greens) or cool down an otherwise busy combination (blues and grays).

Some of the best dressed people the world has ever seen were incredible at mixing and matching patterns (Luciano Barbera, The Duke, Gary Cooper).  I’m just happy I picked out a clean pair of underwear this morning.

PIctures via Cade and Co and LNSee

I need to get on my patterned jackets also.